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Present tense simple

They don't buy fast food when they are travelling.
Present Perfect Continuous Tense This tense is generally used to describe or indicate an event that is going on at this moment.
Apple introduces their new gadgets next week.
When we an event is being described in real time,.e.(c) have been living. .We have breakfast every day.It is also used with schedules, plans and programmes.Help helps look looks want wants.She usually gets up at eight oclock.He starts a bromma blocks presentkort vem vinner farmen 2017 flashback journey full of adventures and losses.She sometimes goes in our swimming-pool.Used with a selected few adverbs to indicate something that happens rarely.Let us see some examples, We have known each other for a very long time.

He has no siblings.
Option (b) and (d) are both incorrect as they are not present perfect continuous as the sentence.
Ill join you as soon as I can.
When does the flight to Seychelles depart from Mumbai airport?Molly goes on holiday every year.I am complaining to his mother about him.When an action in the future is mentioned without specifying when it will occur.Mark doesn't always give his girlfriend flowers.Sophie drinks 3 cups of coffee a day.I have just eaten.When we talk about a planned or arranged event or action that is set to take place at a specified time in the future.