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In our opinion MVP wraps around MVC.
Execute The CountriesFragment which implements CountriesView looks like this: public class CountriesFragment extends List Country, CountriesView, CountriesPresenter implements CountriesView, @Bind(cyclerView) RecyclerView recyclerView; CountriesAdapter adapter; @Override public View onCreateView(LayoutInflater inflater, ViewGroup container, Bundle savedInstanceState) return biobiljetter presentkort pressbyrån untries_list, container, false @Override public void onViewCreated(View view, @Nullable Bundle savedInstance).
In Mosby the View creates the Presenter.Example In the following example (hosted on Github ) we are loading a museum som är gratis i stockholm list of Country by using CountriesAsyncLoader and display that in a RecyclerView in a Fragment.In many apps Fragments are good MVP candidates.To summarize: MvpLceFragment AndroidView, Model, View, Presenter ViewGroup If you want to avoid Fragments in general you can do that.The view usually has a reference to its Presenter.Ive decided its time for a change and a new show.The Presenter sits in the middle between controller and model like this: Lets have a look at a concrete example: The example app displays a list of users queried from a database.That is the perfect world scenario.Both assume that the inflated xml layout contains views with.loadingView, ntentView and rorView.What about screen orientation changes?b The loading view must have the.loadingView /b * * @param pullToRefresh true, if pull-to-refresh has been invoked loading.

To not reimplementing this workflow again and again Mosby provides MvpLceView: * @param M The type of the data displayed in this view public interface MvpLceView M extends MvpView * Display a loading view while loading data in background.
Take a look at your MVC powered app.
What if we have to sort the user list or display some things that has to be calculated in a more complex (and CPU intensive) way?
Its the Presenter (step 2) who explicitly tells the view to show the loading animation.
The API is the same as for Activity and Fragment.This kind of problems can be addressed and solved with MVP.This variant of Model-View-Presenter is called.Syntax highlighting is supported.Next we define our views xml layout file with the required ids: FrameLayout!- Loading View - ProgressBar android:id id/loadingView" android:layout_gravity"center" android:indeterminate"true" /!- Content View - android:id id/contentView" cyclerView android:id id/recyclerView" /!- Error view - TextView android:id id/errorView" / /FrameLayout The CountriesPresenter controls CountriesView and starts.Usually you use ActivityMvpDelegateImpl which is the default implementation.Also the Presenter has control of all async threads (transformation runs async) and cancels them if needed.With that said, we want to introduce Mosby a library for creating MVP based apps on android.For instance, if a View has two buttons and the view registers the Presenter as OnClickListener on both, how could the Presenter distinguish which button has been clicked on a click event (without knowing views internals like the references to the button)?Revealing who has impressed him, Nick named.

Public class User String firstname; String lastname; Lets assume that our UserView wants to display the full name and calculates a ranking the list get sorted accordingly: public class User String firstname; String lastname; int ranking; public String getFullname return firstname " "lastname; While introducing.
Basically its just an empty interface.
How would your code of the fragment looks like?