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Is present tense

is present tense

Your brother at school?
He is smil ing.
But they (not to windows 10 gratis hur länge dance) yet.It still (to rain).She (not to drink) coffee now.He was He was not Was he?They (to have) a big dinner together.You (to work) every day?She (to play) the violin every day.A pupil twenty years ago.Once a week, usually on Sunday mornings, she (to go) swimming.What they (to eat) at breakfast?
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We shall (will) be We shall (will) not be Shall (will) we be?
I (to take) her to school every day.
I try not to make noise in case my daughter is doing her homework.
They are swimm ing.
A lot of people (to listen) to the music and they really (to have) a good time.In two weeks they.With his family now.Everybody (to have) a good time every Saturday?How she (to get) to the pool?

Very depressed last Sunday.
He (to help) his father very often.