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Difference between present and present continuous

difference between present and present continuous

The predicted event is either very near (and can be seen) or seems sure to happen: My sister' s going to have a baby.
(This means, Till a little while ago, the kupong app gates were open, but now they are shut.).
(This means, Till very recently, I was unwell, but I am in good health now.
(referring to a decision that the speaker has made in the past).
That is why it would be incorrect to say, for instance, Ive gone to school yesterday, instead of I went to school yesterday.Are you doing anything tonight?Lisa her teeth every morning.We aren't going on holiday next week.B: I usually to the library.

The, present Continuous Tense is made by a be verb (am, is, are) verbing.
Consider these sentences: Many wars were fought in the 19th century.
Ive been fasting for the last ten days.
The present continuous tense refers to fixed future events and emphasises that plans or arrangements have already been made: We are getting married next month.Check your answergo.Now, let us expand the scope of these words.We have already found out that the two sentences are not interchangeable.Check your answerspeak.Questions and Answers, using the words below, fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb.We aren't working hard these days.BE going TO and present continuous for future plans.We use the Present Continuous Tense to talk about activities happening now.

the gates have been shut.
However, that is not the case with the fourth sentence, which refers to finished time your winning the tournament last year has no effect today.